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Beware of Vampires (10/26/16)

Vampires. This is what I call a person that sucks out not blood, but energy out of you. Have you talked to a person and it seems like eternity for him/her to finish a conversation? You listen in and nod your head, and then 5 seconds in you ask yourself, “when is this person going to finish?” It’s like that student who raises her/his hand right before the class is about to finish. Everyone just gives that student the death stare; at least I did in college. I would be like, “why are you doing this to us?” Hah. In the work environment, these are the types of people that have that dark cloud over them. Always complaining about being tired, not happy, work sucks, everything they do is just negative. Vampires, as I call it.

In personal training, we come across many types of people. It’s interesting how some people are. I’ve learned to interact and adapt my way of communication with vampires. Which is…….just avoid them. Hah, just kidding. Maybe you can, but in a work environment, it may not be possible. The way I see the situation is, vampires don’t know that they are negative and what their “normal” is equal to our straight up depressing/sad/gloomy. It’s hard to change years, if not decades, of negativity, but what I hope to get across these types of people is how it affects other people. People don’t want to hear it, plain and simple. We all have problems, some more than others. Sure, there will be times where work will be stressful and you’ll want to vent. But imagine if that was every day. My question is, who is going to listen? I only have one person in mind; a shrink. If you have someone that’ll listen every day, bless him or her heart. That person is definitely a better person than I am, hah. But if you’re like me, I can’t handle that every day. I’m talking EVERY DAY, ladies and gentlemen. Not one or two days, EVERY FREAKIN’ day. Hah. It’ll make me depressed and make me want to eat a tub of ice cream or something.

It helps to be in a positive environment. Whether good friends, significant other, funny co-worker, these are the types of people that’ll help you shape up your day. We all go through ups and downs in life and that’s just how it goes. One thing I remind myself is to keep my problems to myself and not let others get affected with my problems. Very Japanese of me I know. So next time you’re at work or around your friends, don’t be that vampire lurking around during the day.

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