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Fitness: when is the best time to Start?

Start: the beauty of fitness is you can always start anytime. Whether its the start of the month, week, or the following day. If you decide, “I’m going to be more active,” or “I am going to eat better,” then that’s when the journey starts. It doesn’t have to be on a specific day. When YOU decide to make the change, that’s when the journey to wellness starts.

My advice is to start off slow. If you want something to last for a long time, why rush the process? Yeah, you might have that reunion where you want to look good, but starving yourself just to look good on those Instagram photos ain’t worth it. Understand what you are going up against. The journey is long, so there’s going to be some bumps and obstacles. If you get side-tracked, discouraged, or demotivated that’s okay because its part of the journey. Not everything you do will lead to what you envision. For example, you exercise everyday, but still seem to be gaining weight.

You get frustrated and discouraged to continue. This is when you have to take a step back and really analyze what you are doing. If you are exercising everyday and not seeing results, the first thing I would analyze is what is being done. Are you really putting in the effort that is necessary for that change? Or what are you eating/drinking that is not allowing you to drop those pounds? Those bad habits are hard to change at once, so make small changes at a time.

The wellness journey is long, so enjoy it ladies and gentlemen. You are going to run across those night outs, parties, anniversaries, vacations, bbq outings, wine parties, etc, that will hinder your progress. But, that’s just life and its up to you to get back on track and go back to your “START.” You are not alone on this people, we ALL go through it. Even us personal trainers. We just disguise it because we tell people what to do, hah. Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next Wednesday……………………………………Kei

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