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Football. Ah, its that time again ladies and gentlemen. We got college started last week (yes, USC is still undefeated 1-0) and this week we got the pros. NFL season kicks off this Thursday and what does that mean for us who love watching? A LOT of sitting. This means our activity levels drop significantly. I know once Sunday comes around, I just sit all day and warm up that couch and eat. So what are things you can do before football takes over? Let’s take a look.

First, get that activity done early. First game kicks off 10AM PST, so workout before then. I try to get a run in before kickoff, so I know I get some calories burned. If I know the only calories I’m going to do is walking to the fridge to get water or going to the bathroom from the couch I am in trouble. This allows me to push to go longer on my runs. So get active early.

Don’t just eat finger foods.

Pizza. Chicken wings. Potato chips. Beer. Sound familiar? Its easy and convenient. Those two things are a dangerous combination ladies and gentlemen. Finger foods are not good for you. So make sure you have variety. Eat “real” food before the games begin. A complete meal is one that has a good balance of a lean protein and quality carbohydrates. Meatball sandwich doesn’t count. Don’t wait until the games to start to plan your meal, have it ready before 10AM PST.

Finally, utilize the break between the morning and afternoon games. Between 2-5PM PST, there are no games. So this is when you want to get out of that couch and MOVE. Walk around the neighborhood. Go grocery shopping for the week. Utilize your time wisely. The scary part about watching something you really like is, time FLIES. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………………Kei

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