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Portion control

Portion. That is the topic of this week’s blog. Maybe this rings a bell for some since we just had Thanksgiving and let’s just say, we splurge a bit on this day. Now, I am not saying it’s a bad thing, but around holiday time we tend to…… I can say this, overdo it? Just a little bit, right? Hah.

The times we MUST control our portion is when we go out to eat. Restaurants have massive entrees and can be up to 1,000 plus calories, and that’s just from one plate! No wonder we, as America, have a hard time controlling our appetite. It really is “supersized.” Don’t forget, when the calories are marked on menus, that’s just a estimate, it’s not 100% accurate.

Are we supersized?

Secondly, the difference is apparent when you go to another country. For example, the portion size that Europe and Asia serves is a lot, I mean a lot, less than what is being served here in the States. Here is an example of a typical breakfast served in Japan:

see how small the portions are?

As I was eating the breakfast, I thought to myself, this isn’t enough. Japanese breakfast is typically rice, miso soup, some kind of fish, and small appetizers. The centerpiece is definitely rice and everything else complements it. Very well thought process, it’s like science. For those of you who haven’t visited Japan, you’ll notice how each food item is small compared to the States.

Let’s talk about steak. When we go to steakhouses here, the portions are 32 ounce, 40 ounce, massive right (I’m not complaining about that, I love steak)? Check this out:

see those 4 small little pieces?

This is wagyu steak I ordered in Japan. I would say this was about 8 ounces. Now let’s look at this one:

Now that is a 40-ounce bad boy from one of our lovely steakhouse in the States. Imagine I ordered that in Japan and everybody would think I’m a monster. Just the steak itself is 5 times bigger! One of the biggest adjustments when I travel is getting used to eating less at once. It really does put perspective on how much bigger our portions are here. That is why when we go out to eat, we must be cautious. Or if you are like me, that’s why we work hard so we don’t have to limit ourselves when we go out to eat.

Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next Wed……………………Kei

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