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Tackle the elephant

Tackle the elephant. Taking the metaphor and applying it to your fitness journey. When you haven’t been seeing results, the elephant is YOU. “Its because my workouts haven’t been good.” “I’ve been eating good, but my weight is going up.””I haven’t changed in months/years.” Sound familiar? Well, if that’s the case, then look no further. The elephant is………………….YOU.

Look no further, the elephant is YOU.

First and foremost, take ownership. Rather than searching for who’s at fault, look in the mirror and start making those changes. Seeing results is most people’s goal when they start exercising. When results are not being made, then people start second guessing. Looking for shortcuts. “I saw this advertisement that said I can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.” “My friend tried this diet….” The list goes on with these stories. Bring the focus back to you and see what is causing you to not get results.

Secondly, motivation is self-driven. As personal trainers, we are only with our clients for 1 hour and they have the rest of the day to themselves. Which one do you think has more of a impact? Train hard for one hour, then to eat out and drink to a oblivion won’t get you results. Doesn’t take much to gain weight, that’s the easy part. From my experience, the ones that are self-motivated are the ones that get results. However, not everybody is like this. If it were, then my job would be easy. Set goals that you can attain and go from there. Until the elephant is gone, keep setting and reaching for those goals.

Ultimately, no one wants to admit that its their fault when something is wrong. If you want change to happen, then you have to face the elephant; YOU. “What can I do to eat better?” “am the reason why my body isn’t changing.” I always tell my clients, no one is feeding you. You are making those choices that are jeopardizing the result. So face that elephant, conquer it, and change WILL happen. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned fore more next Wed……………….Kei

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