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Wearable devices

As we approach 2020, I wanted to discuss one of the trending topics in the fitness industry: wearable devices. I am sure you have seen the ad for it. It alerts you to take more steps, monitors heart rhythm, sends a small electric shock to let you know that you have been sitting too long, how well you slept, laundry list, and tell time (as well a watch should do). So what are the reasons why wearable devices are becoming more popular in the fitness industry?

First, is the fact that it is measurable. Whether how accurate it truly is, that’s another question but it is one way to keep yourself accountable. In the modern-day of a data-driven society, we want to know everything. Whether your goal is to burn calories or steps, the smartwatch will track that.

Increase in efficiency. As a busy professional, we want to maximize our workouts. If you only have an hour to exercise, then you have to make sure it is efficient. If a device tells you that your heart rate isn’t elevated during a workout, then the intensity is low. As a result, you are not burning many calories. If you are looking for results, you either have to change the routine or increase the intensity.

Now I want to talk about the downfall of wearable devices. This is a big one for me. You are ATTACHED to it. So if you get a text or a phone call, it disrupts your workout. “Hold on, I have to get this.” People cannot exercise for one hour without getting distracted. I understand that in terms of emergency, it can be useful. However, most texts/calls can wait. Again, its only ONE hour of your time. You have the whole rest of the day to get back to that person.

Fitness continues to evolve and wearable devices have endless opportunities in it. I am in agreement with anything that allows people to hold themselves to a higher standard. As a trainer, there’s nothing more satisfying when clients work harder. Plus, if the data is saying you’re not trying hard enough, I don’t have to raise my voice. Hah. Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………Kei

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