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1:1 Personal Training

Your journey is about you.


What We Do.
  • We meet you, however you show up

  • We guide you toward what motivates and excites you

  • We remind you that you're not "doing it wrong," you're doing your best - movement is all you need

  • We work through the 5 pillars of fitness: strength training, cardiovascular endurance, core strengthening, balance, and flexibility. Some days we increase in one area, and other days another

  • We focus the 5 pillars based on how you feel that day - and we always ask

  • We laugh, encourage, and ensure you feel comfortable always, and in all ways

What We NEVER Do.

  • Lock you into a prescribed program

  • Ignore your life outside the gym. It matters.

  • Yell/Scream/Approach your session or class with aggression 

  • Upsell you

So Here's Our Philosophy

During our sessions you will work through one or more of our 5 pillars (+ growth, and safety), and we'll optimize learning to adjust for your individual strengths and weaknesses. In-session training techniques and exercises are organized in the most logical sequence to benefit your needs, and during your session we will unpack opportunities for challenges, routines, and fitness plans for life outside the gym.

We'd love to meet you!

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