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My Wrist Hurts

Does your wrist hurt when you put weight on it?

“My wrist hurts.” “That’s awkward on my wrists.” Sound familiar? Yes, this is common on body weight exercises such as push ups. When we do push ups or anything that requires weight bearing, its tolling on the body. The wrist structure is small; comprised of two relatively small bones (radius and ulna). Think about it. All your weight is going to those tiny bones and if you’re not used to it, yes, it is GOING to be challenging. To add on, the bones in your hands are even smaller.

Another reason why the wrist is not as strong is because of WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING WHILE READING THIS BLOG. That’s right. Being on the computer, or even worse, on your mobile device. Breaking news, right? If you type for a long time, what hurts? Your wrist, right? If your job requires you to use a computer, then you HAVE to find ways to either strengthen or stretch it. So what are ways you can strengthen it? Easiest one is squeezing a ball. It could be a tennis ball or anything that you can get your fingers wrapped around. This will not only make your forearms stronger, but also your fingers. Start with 15-20 times a day and repeat twice. As simple as that. This is a low impact exercise, so technically you can do these everyday. Now it’s a matter of remembering to do it. So my best advice is to place a stress ball on your desk. It’ll be a constant reminder to do the exercise.

So that’s the main reason why the wrists hurt during push ups or any exercise that requires you to use your hands. But just like anything, if you do your homework, you WILL DO BETER. So those push ups will get that much easier. Have at it ladies and gentlemen! Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week……………Kei

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