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Why it took 11 years to train my mom

September is Family Health and Fitness Month and I wanted to talk about how I finally convinced my mom to train with me after 11 years. I got my personal training certificate in 2007 and started out at one of my friend's gyms. My mom knew how much I loved to exercise as this was a routine I started at 14 years old.

When I became a "professional" in the field, the first thing I wanted to do was train my mom. But, I was met with rejection. "It's okay. I don't need it." At first, I thought it was because I wasn't qualified enough. This was one of the reasons why I pushed to be the best trainer at the corporate gym I was working at and accomplished that after 1 year. Even got recognized nationally as one of the top trainers in the company for one month (they called it "Trainer of the Month" and my face was on the website for a whopping 1 week!). My confidence was high, so I asked my mom again but was met with, "No, it's okay. I don't need it."

This was the reason for years. Then, one year at her physical she was told that she had osteoporosis. The doctor recommended (of all things) exercise and that was when she mentioned if I had time to train. It was so out of the blue that I was caught off guard. When you are rejected so many times (I'm talking about training here ladies and gentlemen) you forget what it feels like when they need you. But, being the professional I am, I held the excitement and said "I always have time for family."

I can speak for most that some of the ones that are the hardest to convince are people closest to you. In my case, it took a doctor to convince my mom that exercise was necessary for her body, even though her son has told her for years. It's interesting how life can work, but I am glad that it worked out. I have nothing but gratitude towards my mom and this is my way of giving back for all her sacrifices. Do you have any family members or friends that aren't willing to listen? Well, hang in there and be patient because it took me 11 years. Hope you enjoyed this month's blog, stay tuned for more! -Kei

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