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Finding your identity

We wear many hats during the day: profession, marital status, and family. I am a small business owner, husband, father, son, and dog dad. Without realizing it, these are all the roles we play every day. Based on which hat you are wearing, you have to adapt your communication and treat each relationship differently. With so many roles, your identity may get lost and you forget how to take care of yourself. Sounds horrible, right? This is the result of sacrificing all your time and efforts for others. Due to this reasoning, I want people to use fitness as their guide to finding their identity. Here's why.

First, the discipline involved in fitness. To achieve results, you must be disciplined in exercising and eating right. Not just for weeks or months, but years. The longer you are staying in shape, you will naturally make better decisions. Discipline applies to other aspects of life, but it must start with the discipline of taking care of yourself.

Secondly, is the psychological benefit of exercise: stress relieving. There's a plethora of benefits exercise has on the body, but one of the best things about physical activity is how it can take your mind off things. For example, when you are squatting heavy, you won't be thinking about that boss that was yelling at you because you will be too focused on getting that weight up. In a sense, exercise allows you to escape from your worries. We can all use some time for ourselves, right?

Lastly, is how fitness can boost your self-esteem. When you don't feel good about yourself, it shows and people see that. People tell me what they used to do or looked like. Sure, it's nice to hear but none of that matters because it's the current state that is important. Fitness can have anti-aging benefits but has its limits. You may not be as fast or agile as you were when you were 18, but much stronger and more flexible. Taking care of your body is an ever-changing process, but when you feel good about your physique and abilities your self-esteem will be better and help you re-discover yourself.

Hope you liked this month's blog. Stay tuned for more! -Kei

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