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Social Media: the doubt it creates

This is taking over our lives…..really

Social media has a huge influence on us. If you think about it, most of our time is spent on devices. A computer, tablet, or a phone. We spend hours and hours on these and due to that factor; what we see on these has a great influence. “Wow. Look at her abs!” “Man, he’s ripped!” The list goes on in terms of what you see on social media. Fitness is an industry with abundance of extreme results. There’s soooooo many ripped people. I see muscles on these people I have never seen in my anatomy books; they look like mutants, hah. What you don’t see is the work that is necessary to attain such results. You don’t know how long these “influencers” have been working on his/her body.

First of all, it takes years and years of discipline to get to what you are seeing on social media. Also, the number of hours they have during the day to workout. Some of these people make a living working out. They get PAID for doing it. So in essence, its their full-time job to work on their body. I like to make the comparison to a professional athlete. These athletes spend more than 8 hours a day to be great at their sport. It’s what they do, so it’s not a good comparison for someone to expect the same results who doesn’t have hours and hours dedicated for their body. However, that’s not to say its impossible, it’s just going to be harder. So we have to be more efficient and strategic.

Secondly, people have this false perception that these “influencers” got his/her body instantly. If you know anything about fitness, it takes a long time for the body to change. From pristine eating to complete workout regimen, everything has to line up to get to where they are. Also, its important to understand that you have to constantly change your program based on your progress. The body is not as simple as you want it to be. For example, if it gets used to something, change is less likely to occur. Meaning, you plateau and I’m sure most of us have experienced this. So what’s next? That’s where we have to go back to the drawing board and restructure everything. These people you see have found his or her way of achieving their balance and it shows. However, this didn’t happen overnight. Through trial and error, and most importantly, persistence allowed him/her to attain their goal.

In conclusion, that’s the story behind that is NOT depicted and people don’t understand how hard it is to not only attain a perfect figure, but maintaining it. Also, don’t believe everything what you see because there might be some filters or “additives” (aka, steroids) people use to create fluff, but that’s another issue we can deal with another week. Don’t let social media distract you from your progress. In summary, every BODY is unique in their own way. Now it’s matter of finding what works and how it will continue to make progress………………….Hope you liked this week’s blog; stay tuned for more next week………………………Kei

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