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All about Mindset (10/12/16)

When it comes down to working out, having a good mindset is key. When you go in with a mentality that you’re going to have a great workout, chances are, you ARE going to have a good workout. If you’re having a bad day, feeling sluggish, you’re not going to put a lot of effort and maximize your time in the gym. That’s why, in my opinion, exercise is all mental. You can have the all the physical gifts, but if you don’t have the mental component, all will be lost. Your ability to bounce back from injury, illness, will always test your mind. Self-confidence lowers and will be a downward spiral if you can’t do something you love. You’ll be that dark cloud that walks around everywhere you go. Debbie Downer for those of you who know SNL. Whaaa whaaaaaaa~~

I remember when I had my shoulder operated on. I was 13. The age when you’re the most active and all you want to do is play, play, play. I always thought I was invincible, then it happened. My shoulder dislocated and I needed surgery. Very humbling lesson I learned during my recovery. Never, NEVER take advantage of your health. Can be taken away just like that. You’re doing well…..and BAM! No exercising for months, felt miserable. I wasn’t myself and it affected my mood. And that’s what I always keep in mind when I exercise.

You are going to have some bad days, it’s just the way it goes. The thing that can be changed is your mindset and attitude. If you take your frustrations and blame others, the effort you put into a task (doesn’t have to be exercise) is going to be compromised. Becomes more of a hassle and you just get angry. In my opinion, negativity is CONTAGIOUS. I can sense it a mile away. It’s like a dark cloud. As trainers, we encounter different types of people and I can honestly say that I do not like training people that are negative. It just brings me down. Sucks out all the energy. I’ll ask myself, “why am I training this person?” But if you have a mindset of “I’m going to do my best,” then the outcome (effort) will be better. I always say to my clients, “it can always be worse.”…………..Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week………………………..Kei

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