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Be PROactive for the CHANGE (12/14/16)

Never thought I would skydive. And this is a guy that’s afraid of heights. Never say never.

If you really want change to happen and this can apply to anything, doesn’t have to be just fitness. Whether it’s your attitude, job, relationship, things can be changed and it’s really up to YOU to change the situation. At the end of the day, no one is going to MAKE you do something. They may tell you or yell at you, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to action. I remember as a child my mom always told me to make my bed before going to school. What did I do? Make an absolute mess and make my mom do it. Obviously that’s not the case now that I’m an adult. And that’s the thing. We are all adults and make decisions based on what we feel like is best.

Change can be looked at multiple ways: either daunting or a challenge. There are a lot of people that do NOT like change and I get it. People have their own routine and it’s hard to change years and years of habit. Or, they are restricted because they have kids and don’t have the option of changing their livelihood. Responsibilities are greater when you have another person relying on you. However, if things NEED to change, then you have to take the necessary steps for it.

When it comes to fitness, in order to find long lasting results, you have to seek the answers. What should I eat? What is the best workout when I am on vacation? Some of these questions a trainer can cover, but when it comes down to things that you can take with you forever, YOU need to ACTIVELY look for the answers. I like to compare it to a student who puts in the work to cover all the materials. In general, the student that does his or her homework and study get good grades. If they don’t understand the material, then they usually get a tutor or go to study groups so they can do well for the class. Now, as we become adults our time is limited and the last thing we want to do is to put in the extra work. The downside is that this becomes our excuse. “I have no time.” That’s probably the number one thing we hear as trainers. “Kei, I don’t have time.” We all know time is important and we’re all busy, but all I want is to help people understand that if put just a bit more effort, then change will likely happen. In addition, not to expect everything to happen all at once. Our society is catered towards fast service and immediate results. It takes time to change habits, especially if they weren’t that good of a choice to begin with. So think of your process as studying for a test. Would you go in unprepared? Or go in with good notes and being ready to tackle on this challenge that you know you will do well on. Again, the choice is yours. Hope you liked this week’s blog; stay tuned for more next week………………………Kei

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