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Beware of Vampires

With Halloween coming up, I want to talk about vampires. This is what I call a person that sucks not blood, but energy out of you. Vampires don’t know that they are negative and what their “normal” is equal to our depressing/sad/gloomy state. As human beings, there's only so much that we can handle emotionally. Have you talked to a person and it seems like eternity for him/her to finish a conversation? You listen and nod your head, then 5 minutes passes and you ask yourself, “when is this person going to finish?” In the work environment, these are the types of people that have that dark cloud over them. Always complaining about being tired, not happy, work sucks, everything they do is negative. Vampires, as I call it.

Here's where exercise comes in the equation. I have seen many people during my personal training career and let's just say I have encountered many vampires. Always complaining during the session and seemed like eternity to end. It's in human nature to let out our frustrations and complaints of life. However, the beauty of fitness is when you are working out hard, you cannot think about anything else. When you deadlift 300 pounds, the only thing on your mind is how the hell are you going to lift this thing. In a way, exercise gets your mind off all the worries and stresses of life because it is all about self improvement.

This self improvement benefit of exercise allows you to focus on what you're there for; to better yourself. When you do that, you start feeling good and confidence grows. I have seen vampires change into thriving butterflies, almost to the point where they become a new person! However, there are people out there that cannot change who they are and it is what it is. But just know that they might suck the energy out of you!

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