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Celebrate the small wins

Numbers, numbers, numbers. I get it. You’re obsessed with what you want to see on the scale. Throughout my career as a personal trainer, clients pay the most attention to this number unfortunately. I believe this is the case because it is MEASURABLE. You step on and BAM! Easy. However, I encourage clients that this isn’t the only thing that people should look at. Here are 3 things I feel are more important than the number on the scale.

For one, how the clothes are fitting. Typically, we wear the same clothes or at least have a rotation based on the season. If they feel loose, then guess what, your body is changing. The unfortunate part is, you won’t see this on the scale and is neglected. Pay attention to how your shirt, dress, tank top, sweater, jeans, shorts, and leggings are fitting. Yes, those elastic pants are nice to wear, but you won't be able to tell how your body is changing if it is too loose.

Next is energy level. Doesn’t make any sense if your energy level is low and you already feel tired waking up when you know you slept enough hours. Exercising helps with stress management and when work is stressful and if you don’t have a way to release it, then your body is going to be tense. Upper back as hard as a rock, hips tight as a rhino, low back stiff as a koala (you get the point). Our bodies are meant to move and sitting is not going to help. Exercising PROPERLY (*emphasis) will allow those neglected muscles to be activated so the overused muscles can relax. Also, it may contribute to better sleep and this will lead to better quality rest, resulting in more energy.

Last but not least, is strength. How much you have gotten stronger since you started exercising? This is where a lot of details are lost. As simple as not being able to stand on one leg for one minute straight. The significance of this for us trainers is huge. People don’t realize how important it is to be able to stand on one leg and stabilize. There are so many risks involved in not having balance, but that’s another topic. Or as simple as being able to lift heavier, no matter how much, just the fact that it’s more than before, that is HUGE. That’s a clear indication that you have gotten stronger.

So, make sure to celebrate the small victories in your fitness journey. Don’t just look at one thing, look at the overall component and trust the process ladies and gentlemen. Hope you liked this month's blog. Stay tuned for more -Kei

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