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DGF and how it came about

Dynamic grit fitness. DGF? What does that mean? We get asked this a lot. When Mars and myself decided to partner up, we knew we had to come up with a company name. We didn’t want any of our names associated with the company, as we wanted the company to grow, not ourselves. One day we sat down at a hotel lobby thinking about a name over a cup of coffee, no alcohol I promise……or was it? We looked more into our clientele and how we trained. The thing we took pride in as trainers was the fact that we have the ability to train a wide range of people. From teenagers trying to increase muscle mass to older adults in their 70s and 80s improving his/her balance. We were looking for words that articulated our clientele and “dynamic” seemed natural.

Next, was to find a word that described our take on what it takes to incorporate fitness in your daily life. The hardest thing in fitness is being consistent. We all get sick, injured, or travel, and it’s a matter of getting back into the right mindset when you go off the consistent path. There are going to be days where you don’t feel like working out, days where you won’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. That’s just how life is and must go on or else it’ll be slippery slope. To me, fitness is a test of will power; it’s easy to say “NO.” To be consistent, you have to persevere and the word that best described (at least for us) the process of making fitness a part of your life was “grit.” And the rest is history………………….stay tuned next week for more. Kei

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