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Fitness Blog: Is Our Body Going Backwards?

This week’s blog will go over what today’s reality looks like. Long commute to work, having a desk job, watching movies, luncheons, dinner parties, all of these require us to sit. Making the body stiff. Sure, alcohol helps you relax ,but chances are, you’re enjoying that drink SITTING. We have all these activities that we enjoy and 90% of them require us to sit. You’re asking yourself, why am I so tight? Well, take a look at your day. How long do you work? How long is your drive to work? If you’re a working professional, majority of our day is consumed with work and sleep. That’s over 60% (probably more) of our day NOT moving. If you read last week’s blog about worki and sitting, you can see why people are so stiff.

Technology has made life convenient, however, it has made us more sedentary. A LOT MORE. I remember when Blockbuster was THE place to go for renting movies or video games. Oh boy, do I miss those days. I used to walk to the nearest one and walk around the store trying to find what I can borrow. These days, you can log in to a app store and buy a movie or video game, download it, and start watching or playing it in a span of 10 seconds. And that’s without leaving your couch. If you look at it, the only muscle you used was the one on your thumb and eyes. These are one of many examples why people are not as agile or stable.

I have a client that got a partial hip replacement last year and has been dealing with pain here and there. She has a long commute to work and the recovery is a lot harder due to the drive and the amount of sitting at work. Recently, she went on vacation to Hawaii and went hiking and snorkeling and boogie boarding and, surprisingly, her hip didn’t hurt. Weird right? Well, it helps that she was in Hawaii with the beautiful nature surrounding her while sipping on that mai tai, but the real reason in my opinion is because she was MOVING. Activating the muscles, letting the blood circulate, and staying active. And that’s the key; to KEEP MOVING. Get up once every 45-minutes and move around. So if you’re reading this as of now, get up and walk around. Your body will appreciate it. IF YOU DON’T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT and that’s just how it goes with muscles. Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week…………………………Kei

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