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I’m too old for this shi** (9/28/16)

Taking the famous words of Danny Glover from “Lethal Weapon.” For those that haven’t watched the series, please do take the time to watch it, it’s good. We hear this from time to time during our training sessions. “Ahh man, I’m too old.” Can’t do a full range squat? Too old for that. Can’t do a pull-up? Too old for that. Well, if this becomes a trend, then WHAT can you do? Are you limiting yourself by using this as a excuse? As a personal trainer, my job is to encourage and help clients achieve their fitness goals. If people use this as a excuse, it’s going to apply to every exercise. And that’s not good.

From my experience, people hate doing things that they are not good at. This is especially true for exercise. “I hate doing that. Or, “I can’t do that.” In my opinion, when people limit themselves, their ability to improve upon is compromised. For example, if you go in with a mindset that you know that you’re not good it, then the amount of effort you put in would be a lot less. I always remind clients that you have to work towards it, takes practice. Talk about practice (for those that are sports fan, A.I. reference there. If you’re not a sports person, then just ignore what I said). Repetition after repetition and understanding the mechanics of the movement. I don’t expect people to get it right away, nor is it realistic. So here’s the thing; be patient and practice. Whenever you cannot do something well, WORK at it and it WILL improve. Whether its mobility, strength, or endurance, it takes time for these areas to improve. So next time you say “I’m too old for this,” be more patient about the process and work towards improving upon the areas that you are not good at. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week………………………Kei

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