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My take on how exercising is related to life (5/18/16)

You must be thinking to yourself, this guy is biased because he’s a trainer. Hold on a second and give me a chance to explain. The underlying principle of exercising is discipline. You eat well ,exercise properly, you see results. Simple as that, right? Not really. That’s because life is not always smooth, there’s going to be bumps here and there. I always say this: if it were that easy, I would be out of a job hah. Vacations come up, birthday parties, social outings here and there; that’s just life. If I were to instruct everybody to live in a caged box and only eat what we tell them to, people are going to run away (far away, hah). This is why I always preach the planning aspect of exercising. It’s about working around your schedule and managing your time efficiently. Twenty four hours in a day, 8 hours dedicated to sleep (give or take), 3 hours for eating (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), 10 hours for work (8 for full time work, 2 hours for commuting), we’re left with 3 hours with that calculation. Obviously this varies from person to person. This is when I ask, what do you do within those 3 hours? Now, if you have kids this number is probably a lot lower.

When you actually break down the number of hours you have left in a day it may surprise you; might be a lot, might be minuscule. Most would fall under the minuscule category I’m sure. It’s clear that the amount of time you have for exercising is really low. But somehow people still manage to get a workout in. These are people that made exercising a priority; committing that one hour when they could be doing something else like watching tv or going out and drinking. When something is really important to you, you’ll make the time to do it no questions asked. Our society is sedentary and there’s a reason why obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, sciatica, heart attacks are prevalent. We sit down more than we move and that is a BAD thing. So in order to change that, one must keep moving. Now you want to ask yourself, how many hours do you have in a day to exercise? Remember, always in moderation. Stay tuned next week for more…………….. Kei

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