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Slow down there, listen to what you just said (8/24/16)

With ads all over the place claiming results in a ridiculous amount of time, no wonder people are fixated on losing weight as fast as possible. I guess that’s what ads are for, right? To get your attention and react. Look at this and buy this. In general, that’s kinda like our society. Fast as possible and the least amount of work involved. These are things people are attracted to. And I get it. When it comes down to it, it’s all about CONVENIENCE. “Ah, that’s too much. I don’t have time.” Why would you take the long way when you can just jump on the highway, right? In fitness, that’s where this concept doesn’t really work.

Why is it that people want to lose weight they gained over the course of years, yes YEARS, in a timeline that is flat-out dangerous? Moderation, anyone? For the most part, we don’t gain weight overnight. It’s over time, many nights of eating bad here and there. And you want to reverse that in how long? Not only do you want to lose it, you would want that weight to be off for a long time right? So this is where the discipline comes into play. You CANNOT change years of bad habit in a short amount of time. It’s just not realistic if you want the results to last a lifetime. Starts with making right choices, eliminating bad ones, and figuring out what works best for you. A little trial and error, taking out this, adding a little of that, and so on. If something isn’t working, then you have to fix it.

I encourage people to pick up a weight that they want to lose in a form of a dumbbell. For example, one of my client picked up a 30-lb weight and said “Damn, is this what I had in my stomach?” It’s definitely a eye opener. For females that have gone through pregnancy, they can relate to how much of a relief it was to be done. The pressure off the spine, knees, ankles, upper back, and the list goes on. Just like pregnancy, weight goes up gradually. You don’t gain 50-lbs right off the bat, right? Man, that would be awful (sorry ladies, I won’t understand what you go through, but I appreciate what you all do). So undoing years and years of bad habit is not going to take couple of months, it’s going to take YEARS to get the right mindset. Takes constant reminders, some mistakes here and there, repetition, and practice. So next time you mention you want to lose x-amount of weight, think about what you’re going to have to SACRIFICE in order to get to that weight and make sure it doesn’t come back again. Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week……………………………Kei

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