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The “Perfect Diet” Approach

“Hey Kei, what is the perfect diet for me?” “I want to eat the best for my body.” These are questions I hear on a daily basis as a personal trainer. The “perfect” approach to nutrition. The pitfall to this approach is the word “perfect.” If you think like me, there is no such thing as perfect. For me, that word implies “you CANNOT miss up.” When it comes to eating, perfect doesn’t exist……..unless you plan on avoiding all social events and live under a rock. I compare it to my upbringing.

When I was growing up, my mother used to say, “don’t do that!” So what did I do? That’s right; do the opposite. If I were a “perfect kid” and I made one mistake, it would be a great deal. However, because I didn’t grow up aiming for perfection, it was okay for me to make a mistake here and there as long as I worked hard to not repeat the same mistake. And that’s where I want to make the main focus of when you are trying to aim for your

“perfect diet.”

It’s okay to miss up here and there, and that’s the truth. When you set the bar too high, it’s going to be almost impossible to maintain it. So here’s my advice: Be REALISTIC and find your I’M OKAY WITH IT approach. You want something that lasts for a long time? Then take the realistic approach because you WILL make mistakes. But, its what you’ll do next to correct it that matters. We all got accustomed to our ways (good and bad), but in order to change those, its going to take time, especially bad habits.

A looooong time that is. So rather than finding a shortcut that’s going to last couple of months, take the time to understand your habits (bad ones that is) and see what you can do to modify it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be, “I have to completely stop eating this or that.” Instead, you might want to just say “I’m gaining weight because of this, so I’ll eat less of it.” Or, “I’ll go for a longer walk because I ate really bad.”

Really analyze your goal. Is your fitness goal worth the sacrifice of finding the “perfect diet?” Unless you compete in physique competitions, most of our answer would be a definite “NO.” Because there really is NO PERFECT in anything. You know you’re going to go out with your friends at some point and splurge. Just be honest with your approach and be okay when you eat bad once in a while. Like I said, “it’s going to be okay.” Eating shouldn’t feel like you are walking on egg shells; being punished for every bad food you eat (can you imagine that?). It should be more about what you are WILLING to COMMIT TO and keep up for many years. Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week…………………..Kei

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