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Work hard, so you can enjoy what you REALLY enjoy (11/9/16)

This is a constant saying I always tell clients during the holiday season. We have a BIG holiday coming up: Thanksgiving. It’s where we sit around among good company and indulge in hearty food and drink. To be honest, I haven’t really participated in a traditional American Thanksgiving, so I’m going based on what I hear what other families eat during this time of year. This is a guy who eats roast beef or sushi during Thanksgiving (however, I will be eating turkey this year). I know. Very un-American of me I know. I’m sure we all have our differences. However, I do know that Thanksgiving is THE time to splurge and EAT.

Knowing this fact, we gotta prepare for the worst. Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen. We are going to splurge and that’s what you’re supposed to do during this time of year. The last thing I would want people to worry about is limiting themselves when there’s delicious, savory, mouth-watering food in front of you. I’m probably not supposed to say this as a personal trainer, but I wouldn’t want people to NOT enjoy the holidays. For me, I work hard so I CAN enjoy times like Thanksgiving or Christmas (which is another BIG one, but let’s just focus on Thanksgiving). I know that I will be eating a lot of food, and I mean A LOT of food. So I know I have to work hard beforehand. But the key thing is, I am prepared for it. I’m not going to limit myself and that’s why I work hard when I can. It’s so that I CAN enjoy times like Thanksgiving or the weekends. So my advice to you is to stay focused and enjoy Thanksgiving when it comes because the last thing you want to do is limit yourself. Enjoy and have fun, this is the reason why we work hard.

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