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Yin and Yang (5/11/16)

This is a good philosophy that describes myself and my business partner Mars. Anybody that knows us can attest to this; we are polar opposites. I don’t like to raise my voice, he does. He’s very impatient, I’m patient. When it comes down to our training style, we are different as well.

I am more technical when it comes down to exercising; making a lot of corrections and executing the movement correctly. Thus, majority of my clientele are those who have injuries. Mars is more of a high intensity trainer. He’s more of the drill sergeant, pushing you beyond the limit type of trainer. Having dealt with weight problems himself, nutrition and weight loss are two topics he takes pride in.

Our concept was to specialize in small group training and we needed to figure out how each person was going to contribute. We looked at each other’s specialty and things clicked. Mars has the ability to think quick on his feet in terms of what exercise our clients are going to do. My main emphasis was to make sure each individual did the exercise correct, making the necessary adjustments whether it’s changing the weight, angle, or even the exercise itself. Understanding what the other person is trying to accomplish and being on the same page is necessary to having a good business relationship. Even though our styles are different, our goals are the same just like Yin and Yang. Stay tuned for more next week……………Kei

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