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Business Partners: How the two met

We all know the story of how business partners meet. Like-minded, similar work ethic, someone you can get along with. That is how I met Mars, my business partner. We met at a commercial gym as personal trainers in Manhattan Beach, CA. Mars started one month before me and if you don’t know anything about gyms, how it works is you get a corporate “script” on how to sell personal training. Having no previous experience in sales, I was lost. I wasn’t the only one; Mars was in the same boat. It helped that we started around the same time, so I was able to relate.

Not knowing where to begin, Mars wrote his own script on his take of how to sell personal training. Even to this day he will admit that he sounded like a robot, he even mentioned that his client stopped him half way through his script and sign up for a training package (the client ended up training with him for couple of years). Having no experience in sales, I took advantage of his script and practiced over and over (yes, I sounded like a robot too hah). This was when I realized how tenacious Mars was in perfecting a craft. What Mars realized (as well as myself) was that people genuinely liked our training and we didn’t have to “talk” as much because it made sense to people on why exercising is beneficial to them.

We realized what we had; quality training people can benefit from. We trained at a very high volume at personal trainers and developed a mutual respect. This lead to establishing a business partner relationship we have today at Dynamic Grit Fitness. Hope you liked this week’s fitness blog, stay tuned for more next week.

Here is a great business partner book I have read that has helped me :

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