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DGF Mentality 2017 (12/28/16) *last blog for 2016!!!!

DGF mentality. I work hard, so I can enjoy views like this. Courtesy of Waimea Canyon, Kauai

3 MORE DAYS!!! 3 more freakin’ days before the calendar turns 2017. It’s crazy. Before I sound like a old fart saying, “time sure does fly,” let’s really break down our journey (fitness that is). Take a look back at the year and reflect on your success. If you’re reading this, then congratulate yourself because you added fitness to your routine in 2016. Now, if you added on another year of healthy habits and fitness, then congratulate yourself as well. You’ve made a huge step in changing your life. Disciplining your mind and body. That’s the beauty of fitness and what I love most about my field.

For example, it applies to other aspects of life. Being consistent at anything will lead to something; usually good. For instance, being consistent and staying true to my passion allowed me to open for business in February. Still can’t believe I did it, but I cannot let my mind get complacent for too long. Now is the matter of, what’s next? What do we have in store for 2017 for DGF? That’s where my mindset is and I know this upcoming year will be the real challenge for the business.

Lastly, I’m excited for what the new year has in store. That’s probably the reason why New Years is my favorite holiday. Get to reflect on the prior year and “reset” for the next. Not quite starting over, but building on the momentum you gained from the prior year. Build on from what you built up. The weekly exercise routines, making good decisions about food, drinking more water, etc. Really reflect on why you even started this journey. The reasons can vary; from weight loss, living a healthy lifestyle, improve self confidence, the list goes on. But we all have our reason WHY we started. Reflect on that reason and make that as your motivator for this upcoming year. In summary, good job in 2016. Now, let’s really go at it in 2017. Finally, Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen and let’s make 2017 a even better year!!!!…………………..Kei

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