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How we got ready for business in 13 days

When people get ready for a business they usually take months to prepare. Sign the lease, prepare for grand opening in couple of months. For us, we finished preparing our gym in 13 days. We knew we were in a time crunch and had to get going. First order of business was to get the facility looking like a actual gym. The facility had all carpet and we wanted rubber flooring in areas where people exercised. Ripping the carpet out was a smooth process, cut through with a box cutter and start tearing it open. Simple. Then, came the painting.

Now we had to decide what color our walls were going to be. We didn’t want a color that was too masculine or too bright that reminded you of a school playground. Simple, elegant, and not intimidating. Having zero artistic eye for colors, let’s just say we needed help in all aspects hah. Being a personal trainer, you come across people in different fields and someone is bound to know somebody. So we simply asked, “does anybody know a interior designer?” We were able to get one and she decided on a color for us; gray. Now, I’m sure there’s a specific name to it, but I forgot what it was. Again, I do not have any artistic eye for colors; NONE what so ever. So we began painting our walls. Next was to install the floor mats. The mats came in as a roll and each weighed about 350-lbs. Once we laid out the mats, next was the layout of the gym; getting equipment.

We had nothing, NOTHING (maybe a ab roller here and there) to start off with. We went around and purchased all the equipment that was on our wish list. Some we actually built ourselves (don’t worry, it’s not going to break down right when you sit down, hah).

There were days where we worked on the facility from 7am and we would leave around 3am. The one thing I can be proud of is the fact that we did not sleep over at the facility. Looking back, it definitely was a lot of work, but worth our efforts and long hours to see the finished product; Dynamic Grit Fitness open for business…………………………… stay tuned next week for more. Kei

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