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The Calm before the Storm, aka Holidays

This is what I always tell my clients when October, November, and December are around the corner. We all know what happens during the holidays. EAT! EAT! EAT! Holiday parties, end-of-the-year dinners, get together with friends and family, and tons of other festivities. Most people gain between 5-10 pounds during these times. Since we know these months will be the busiest time of year, planning becomes more of a factor. So October is crucial to start or expedite your fitness and nutrition program.

So where do we start? Well, it’s pretty much the same thing: stay disciplined and consistent with nutrition and exercise. Sounds simple, right? During the holidays, you will have less time to exercise, so get those extra days in when you can. Pay close attention to your diet in the month of October, staying away from those late-night snacks. I try to drop a couple of pounds prior to the holidays, so I have some leeway. For example, if I am going to Japan to see family at the end of the year, I drop around 10-15 pounds so I can eat anything I want on my trip.

So start planning around the holidays as if you are going to encounter the worst. Train hard when you can and maximize each session. Make the most progress in the month of October to prepare for November and December. I hope you liked this month’s blog, stay tuned for more next month……………………….. Kei

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