The Calm before the Storm, aka Holidays (10/5/16)

This is what I always tell my clients when November and December is coming up. We all know what happens during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. EAT! EAT! EAT! Same thing in December. Holiday parties, end of the year dinners, white elephant gift exchange, a lot of festivities during those times. In my experience, these are the times when people gain the most weight. I call it the “hibernation period.” Since we know these months are going to be the busiest times of the year socially, planning becomes more of a factor. So in my opinion, October is THE month that is crucial for gearing up for the “hell months.”

What can we do during October, you ask? Well, it’s pretty much the same thing we have been working towards. Which is to stay disciplined and consistent with making good decisions and exercising. When the holiday seasons come up, people are going to exercise less. What used to be exercising 5 days a week will drop down to 2-3 days, sometimes 0 times a week. Of course you would gain weight, especially if you eat chocolate cake and apple pie every day. So in preparation for the busy times, I like to always tell my clients to be on point for the month of October. Making sure to lose as much weight as they can, so they have some leeway for the holidays.

Start planning ahead of time, plan for the worst. Dinner with friends, company party, end of the year festivities, etc. There may not be any time for you to exercise and that’s just reality. You might be away visiting family or going on a 2-week vacation. For us trainers, we cannot control this. So we must prepare ourselves. Making the most progress in the month of October to prepare for November and December. The calm before the storm, make October a great month! Oh yeah, don’t OVERindulge in candy (don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Halloween)………………….Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week………………………..Kei

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