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Workout enhancer Part I: Music (11/2/16)

We all have that one song that makes us move. The one that makes you lift more, or go that extra distance because you’re just “in the zone.” When I’m exercising, I listen to electronic/house/trance, whatever you like to call it these days. For me, when a song has a tempo or beat that gets incrementally intense, my adrenaline gets elevated and I feel that I get a better workout.

Since we just had the Olympics, remember Michael Phelps warming up before his race? His face was INTENSE! Had the look of wanting to murder his competition and I think that’s what music does for us. Music pumps us up. Obviously, this depends on the type of song. I know I have couple of love songs that I can listen to when I’m feeling romantic, but I wouldn’t dare to listen to it when I’m picking up a dumbbell at a gym filled with sweaty men. Not motivating at all let me tell ya. I was quick to press “next” on my Pandora. Hah.

I’ve tried to work out without music and I can tell that it’s not the same. Can’t focus as well, get distracted easier, the list goes on. For me, music helps me focus on the exercise and zone out whatever is around me. So if you’re struggling to get exercise, look through your playlist and see if you can find a song that’ll pump you up enough to get you out there. Just don’t sing out loud and be obnoxious with your song. Just don’t. Please. Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week………………………Kei

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