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10,000 meters ain’t worth it

10,000 meters = 592 kcal *my experience

Cardio: everybody’s resource to losing weight. But the question is, are you being efficient?

“I need to lose weight. I have to walk/run more.” Yes, that will help with the matter but the real underlying problem is the eating. Won’t go into too much specifics this week, but if you’re trying to lose weight through activity, it is going to require A LOT. You CANNOT outwork a bad diet, plain and simple. Even athletes who spend hours dedicated towards taking care of their body cannot outwork a bad diet, so why should a regular Joe/Joette just us be able to?

Yes, I agree that doing cardio is beneficial and should assist in the process of you staying active. However, if your sole purpose of doing cardio is to lose weight, it’s going to require A LOT.

It ain’t worth it.

At the bottom of this blog, I have attached a short post about my experience when I rowed for 45 minutes. Yes, that is 45 MINUTES. For those that haven’t been on the rower, please give it a try and try to last for 15 minutes (I dare you) and tell me where you feel sore. Let’s just say I got a blister on my finger from this and my butt let’s not get started okay, hah. I wasn’t trying to prove a point to anybody, just wanted to see if I can row 10,000 meters. In 45 minutes, I burned 592 calories. The amount of effort I put into the cardio, it is NOT worth it. I would have to do that 6 times to burn just one pound of fat.

1 pound of fat = 3500 calories

I would have to row for 4 and a half hours to burn a pound of fat. My body wouldn’t be able to handle that. Most importantly, I would get bored staying on one machine that long. When things get monotonous, we are less inclined to do it because we get bored. So what is the overall takeaway from this experience? If you want to lose weight, building muscle and eating right is the way to go ladies and gentlemen! Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next Wednesday……………………….Kei

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