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10-lbs in 10 days

10-lbs. That’s how much I gained during this Thanksgiving holiday. And this wasn’t from turkey. It was from my trip to Japan. I went for 10 days and ate foods that I normally wouldn’t when in the States. You’re supposed to indulge when on vacation and let me tell you, I sure did indulge in food.

First, your normal routine is out the window when traveling. Yeah, you can keep some of it, but my idea is I want to experience the culture and the food everywhere I go. My background being Japanese, I love the food there. The quality of the rice is on a different level, so I ate rice everyday. All different types of fluffy, delicious bread. The street food here and there. Everywhere you walk, there’s some sort of food item waiting to lure you in.

Secondly, the food portion is minuscule in comparison to the States. However, the bad thing is, each time you finish your plate a waitress/waiter takes it away. So, you don’t really know how much you are eating. I went to eat at a all-you-can-eat place and I couldn’t even tell you how many plates I finished. The waitress kept coming in and taking away my plates. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ate over 20 plates. Let’s just say each item was around 150 calories. Times it by 20, then yes you have a whopping 3,000 calories, and that’s just lunch. No wonder my weight increased.

Overall, Japan is a walking city. The transportation system is immaculate, can travel almost everywhere you want through the subway. Because you walk so much, you get hungry quick. This is where I indulged in street food where I can grab something real quick and walk along. Curry bread, mochi ice cream, green tea ice cream, banana milk ice cream, oyster bread, fried chicken legs, egg on a skewer, fatty tuna, you name it, I ate it.

Ultimately, the 10-lbs I gained was due to my diet change. Even though my walking increased dramatically, it could NOT undue the damage I was doing through the food. So next time you think you can out-walk your diet, think again.

my weight when I got back. Left the States 164-lbs. +10.1-lbs in 10 days

Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………….Kei

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