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Compromise taste for calories?

Will you compromise your favorite craving to save calories?

First of all, ice cream is my number one guilty pleasure. Love the taste of it: creamy, yummy, delicious, and melts right when I scoop up for a taste. This past weekend I came across “Halo Top Ice Cream”, which is advertised as a low-calorie (240-320 for the whole pint! That’s low), low sugar, high protein option. I gave it a try and the initial response I thought was, it tastes different.

Of course they had to do something to lessen the calories and reduce the amount of sugar. They use Stevia, which is a sweetener that is zero calories, but about 250-300 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Secondly, the taste. I have been eating ice cream for a long time and have tried over thousands of brands and flavors. There’s a difference in texture when I scooped the ice cream in my mouth. Wasn’t as creamy and the ice cream “cracked” when it entered my tongue. For me, I felt a different aftertaste that I wasn’t used to.

Usually in ice cream (this is my experience), the flavor stays throughout the whole time. However, this particular ice cream didn’t and just dissolved right away, not leaving any deliciousness. No doubt was the taste different.

Ultimately, I would not compromise taste to save calories. My belief is that if I want something, I will have it and I live by that principle. The lower calorie/sugar option may work for other people, but for people that are used to eating the high sugar, high calorie option, it is not enough substance. Creating the discipline is a bigger factor in making better choices and will work to your advantage.

Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next week…….Kei

Anybody interested in looking for Halo Top Ice Cream, here is their link:

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