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Freak out weight routine

Its almost summertime and that beautiful sunny days are coming. You step on the scale and…………BAM! It’s at its all-time high and you need to get that weight down. My suggestion to clients is to start holding yourself accountable. This includes two components, the exercising and nutrition aspect. Let’s discuss how you can start.

I use the scale to help clients understand where they are at.

One way is to weigh-in. I know I know, you are allergic to the scale, but use it as a guide. If the weight is going down, then you are doing something right. However, if the weight continues to increase, then chances are you are eating too many calories. The only way you can gain weight is being in a caloric surplus. The one advice I have for those that are using the scale is that you cannot be obsessed with the number because it doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s water weight to consider, swelling from the previous day of exercise, etc. Use the scale as a guide to keep you on track.

Now let’s talk about the real issue at hand. Food. This is always the bigger contributor when people gain weight. “Ah man, I’m eating so good.” I cannot tell you how many times I heard this and when I weigh them in, the weight is up. There’s always a pause when this happens and after we discuss how this happened, then the truth comes out. “You know what Kei, I haven’t been honest with you. I actually ate this.” Be honest with what you eat and the results will follow. If you truly ate “healthy,” then the weight will drop. From my experience, those that eat “healthy,” don’t announce that they do and let the results speak for itself.

Summer is always the time when people are reminded that being in shape is key in Southern California. “Get your beach body” advertisement seen everywhere you go. People wearing tank tops or short sleeves showing off his or her toned arms. Maybe this led to you weighing in and you discovered that you are at your highest weight. Let’s take this as the starting point and work to correct it. Start with holding yourself accountable by being consistent with exercising and eating enough so you aren’t in a caloric surplus. Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………….Kei

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