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How I lose my Japan weight

If you read last week’s blog, I talked about how I gain about 10-lbs when I go to Japan. When I get back, its game time. I don’t want clients asking me, “man, did you gain weight?” Also, it’s not a good look as a personal trainer to have a gut. So here’s my way of losing my vacation weight.

Drink more water

Here’s the thing about Japanese people. They DON’T drink that much water. Tea is more common to drink during meals. In addition, the cups they use are smaller compared to the States. In other words, you have to refill a lot. At times, I felt bad drinking so much water at my grandparents because I was drinking all their water.

Keeping core tight

Here’s what I noticed during my trip. I overate every day to the point where I could NOT keep my core tight. Normally, I can keep my stomach in when I’m sitting, standing, and maintaining good posture. This was not the case when I was in Japan. When I work, I naturally keep my core tight because I need it to put up, drop, reset, move weights 12-15 hours a day. I realized this was one of the main reasons why my weight drops quickly. I’m holding a 10-hour plank.

Eating fewer calories

Eating fewer calories. This is a must to lose weight. Let’s start with what a typical breakfast looks for me in Japan. Two bowls of rice, paired with miso soup, fish, and small vegetable plates. Compare that to one protein bar and a banana. There’s a big difference already. Then, before lunch, I consume a mini-meal. At work, I don’t have the luxury to eat a proper meal because I only have a couple of minutes in between clients. Then, snack time. In Japan, I consume all these delicious ice creams that don’t quite make it to the States. For those that know my weakness, it is ice cream and I will eat 2 or 3 at a time. At home, I will eat an apple or yogurt. Lastly, dinner. Let’s just say I eat a lot at nighttime. Sometimes, twice. Ramen at midnight. The number of calories drop quite a bit when I am back home.

So there you have it. My 3 ways of how I lose my vacation weight. Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……Kei

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