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Is 120/80 standard going away?

120/80. Those are the standards, or at least what used to be, for blood pressure.

Science is constantly changing.

Recently, I went for my annual physical and saw a health chart that read “150/90.” This chart was a guideline for people 60 and older to aim their blood pressure to be under. I was curious and asked what the standard used to be and my doctor said “140.” That’s a HUGE increase and asked why the number went up. The doctor had no answer for me and brushed me off.

First and foremost, health and fitness standards continue to change. New studies come out claiming certain things and back it up with scientific proof. It’s ever changing and that’s science for you. For example, the food industry. What used to be labeled as “healthy” is now related to cancer or other form of disease.

My thoughts of the increase got me thinking; will the 120/80 standard change? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. What this allows is the fact that medical professionals are saying it’s okay to be in the high 120’s, low 130’s. The question is, are we now lowering the bar so people can meet the requirement? Is it okay for us to barely achieve a C average as long as we pass? I’ll tell you this, if my mother asked me to maintain a C average during high school I wouldn’t need to try as much. Simply show up for testing and pass.

Being average is easy, right?

Ultimately, some standards are here to stay. But the real question is, for how long? Since we are already dealing with obesity, those standards are subject to change so people can meet those requirements. If the standards keep going up, this is a bigger problem and the abundance of serious health is on the rise. I just hope we don’t have to lower the standard just so that more people can fit the criteria.

Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next week…………………Kei

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