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Keep fitness simple

Progressive overload is optimal for increasing muscle mass. It is imperative to maximize the eccentric component of the exercise. All this information is great for me, but for someone that is not a fitness or medical professional, it means nothing. The fitness industry is filled with smart people, but explaining concepts in layman’s terms is key because not everybody took anatomy or physiology. It pains me to see how much people are trying to make fitness complex. What is making fitness so confusing?

The Internet

Take everything you read on the web with a grain of salt. There’s countless information and at times, it can be confusing. We see ads like, “this is the best way to lose weight.” “This workout routine will get you the 6-pack you always wanted.” I read an ad that said bananas are bad for you. Really? Bananas? You gotta be kidding me. Understand that any person with any level of education can create a website and post content. Matter of fact, those ads are created just to get your attention to get you to buy their product. Always use your better judgment with the web.

Relative/Friend that is you trust

Do you have a relative or a friend that gives you fitness advice all the time when they are not a professional? It’s pretty common to hear clients say, “my cousin lost a lot of weight by doing this, so I’m going to try it.” The “if he/she can do it, I can do it” mentality. Because you trust that person, you don’t question him or her. As a fitness professional, my goal is to understand my client and guide them in the right direction. Sure, they can listen to other people, but I always look at the long-term. My goal isn’t to find short-term solutions, but things that clients can use and apply for a long time. If you can apply it during your fitness journey for a long time, then I am on board.

Don’t overcomplicate fitness ladies and gentlemen. Just like how you trust your dentist with your teeth, trust your fitness professional with your fitness. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……..Kei

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