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Mirror, mirror on the wall

First of all, who do you see staring back? Everyday we look at ourselves in the mirror when we get ready in the morning. Some of us check ourselves out in great detail. Some of us check to make sure we don’t have snot coming out of our nose (this is definitely me. Don’t judge, hah). The mirror can be your best or worst friend. When you feel bloated or inflamed, the mirror will tell you that you are the biggest person on Earth and start playing mind games. Making you think that the exercise program you are doing isn’t working. As a result, it discourages you from trying your hardest and depression takes over; it’s a slippery slope. On the contrary, the mirror can be your best friend. Allowing you to feel good about yourself. However, everyday isn’t going to be a photo shoot day filled with rainbows and sunshine. Now, how can we get out of this funk?

who do YOU see staring back?

Lastly, the question you gotta ask is, do you see a person that’s working hard to reach his/her fitness goal? Or do you see somebody that’s slacking? Take ownership of how you’re progressing or regressing is where you have to start. The mirror isn’t going anywhere, it’s always going to stare right back at ya. Therefore, it’s a constant reminder of what you are doing. As personal trainers, we always say the mirror doesn’t lie. It’s a reflection of who you are. If you don’t like it, then you have to change that. Most importantly, don’t obsess over the details. The change will happen as long as you stay consistent and keep telling that mirror that what you are doing is working. Enjoy the rest of the week. Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………………..Kei

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