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Results speak for itself

When they say actions speak louder than words, this is especially true when it comes to results. People can verbalize what they want to achieve, but actually getting to their fitness goal is a whole different subject.

There are two types of clients: one that voices their opinion and one that listens to everything a trainer says. From my experience, those that say they have been working hard aren’t the ones that get the best results. Instead, it’s those that keep quiet and continue to trust the process that achieves great results.

I remind people that fitness isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.

Consistency is the number one key to achieving results. Most importantly, takes time to get there. Those that say, “I have been working hard” expect results to happen overnight. I remind people that fitness isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. Takes months and years of “working hard” to achieve those abs that you see in advertisement and social media. If you are questioning whether a training program or diet plan is working, ask yourself how long have you been doing it for?

So rather than voicing what you have been doing, let your results speak for itself and people will notice your hard work. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……..Kei

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