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Humble. This is a word I use with my young athletes. “Stay humble.” The meaning of this is to instill a mindset to focus on what needs to be done to excel. In sports, there’s always someone that’s better. So how do you beat them? WORK HARD. Kobe Bryant used to be the first one and last one out of the gym, even though he was clearly at the top of the league. Not just one or two day, ALL THE TIME. Just because you played well one game doesn’t guarantee the performance will be the same the following. There are many other ways this mindset can be applied. Let’s take a look.

Injuries can happen.

First, injuries can happen. Feeling good, strong, and losing weight. Then BAM! You pull your back; out of commission. All that momentum you built crumbles. Motivation drops and now you have to work around your injury. All the things that used to be easy is now exponentially HARD. “I can’t even put my socks on without my back screaming.” That’s what injuries do; humbles us. “I was feeling so good, then I……”  This is where the REAL test is. Some stop exercising, some figure out ways to keep going. In my opinion (obviously I’m biased being a personal trainer), there’s always ways to work around a injury.

Secondly, excelling in everything is HARD. “I don’t need to work on my legs. I’m a runner.” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this in my personal training career. “Okay, let’s see.” I tell them. And moments later, they usually tell me, “Wow. I guess my legs aren’t that strong.” I tell them that it is strong; Strong in RUNNING. When it comes to exercise, its different. Hamstrings, glutes, quads, peroneals, calves, shins, arches, to list a few of how many muscles there are in the lower extremity. When you think you are good at one thing, there’s a million more to improve. That’s why I love doing what I do. Especially when clients start understanding how training the glutes will improve running mechanics and prevent injuries in the long run.

Stay humble.

Ultimately, fitness is a long journey. There’s going to be UPS and DOWNS. Stay humble and keep putting the work. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed……………………..Kei

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