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What are the best shoes for you?


Don’t forget to see what kind of feet you have.

“Hey Kei, what are the best shoes for me?” As personal trainers, we get asked this A LOT. Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Converse, Jordans, Lacoste, Mizuno, Nike, Puma, Ryka, Skechers, Vans, Under Armour, you name it, the list goes on. I wear different ones based on what activity I do. For instance, when I’m training clients, I am wearing Jordans or Nike. If I am running, I’ll wear Brooks. I grew up wearing basketball shoes, so I stick with that type in general for overall comfort. However, when it comes down to running, I tried on many different types to find the brand I liked. Took me many 5ks, 10ks, and even one stinkin’ long marathon (yes, I did a marathon in 2006) to really figure out what shoes worked best for my running style.

People decide making their purchase based on the style and color. “Oh, these look cute. They’re my color!” If you’re just wearing them to the gym and not planning on putting a lot of miles (aka running), you might get away with that. However, if you’re planning on running, then I would suggest you do your research and find out what shoes work best for you. Do you have narrow feet? Wide feet? High arches? Flat feet? Do you pronate (foot rolls in)? Take a look at some of your shoes and see where most of the wear and tear is, as this would indicate where you put pressure. Most footwear places have these sensors where you step on a platform and analyze your feet. Based on that, then you can see what type of shoes you need, then from there, I recommend trying on different brands of that particular type of shoe. My personal preference just happens to be Brooks and basketball shoes. But that is something my feet is used to wearing for years and years. So next time you go looking for new workout shoes, pay attention to what your feet really needs; not just the pretty color. Hope you liked this week’s blog, stay tuned for more next week…………………………….Kei

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