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Wishing for an April fool’s joke

Staying indoors unless you need necessities. Unemployment climbing each day. More and more confirmed cases of COVID-19. Avoid talking to strangers. Can’t eat inside restaurants. No sports. And no TOILET PAPER? Someone wake me up from this April fool’s joke. Wait. This is the actual reality, huh?

This is all new for all of us. For me, I am trying to get used to no sports. Honestly, I miss it DEARLY. I miss seeing my Lakers, Dodgers (baseball is postponed), and all events gearing up for the Tokyo Olympics (now postponed until 2021). The world has stopped all entertainment and sports until further notice. Until this virus is figured out, this is the new norm whether we like it or not.

Do you ask “how was your day” to your significant other and soon realize that they were in front of you the whole day?

All things considered, we have to look at the bright side. We are talking to our loved ones more than ever. For example, I am talking to my mother more than ever on the phone. Checking up on how she’s doing, whether she has enough groceries, etc. Before this pandemic, I barely talked to her on the phone. It’s nice actually. And don’t get me started on how much my dog loves the fact that my wife and I are home most of the day.

She loves the sun

This virus is definitely no April fool’s joke and please help stop the spread by staying home. We cannot give enough thanks to all health care workers that are sacrificing time with family to battle this pandemic. Thank you for all your hard work and please don’t forget to take care of yourselves! -Kei

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