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1000 calories from ice cream??

1000 calories. That’s how much calories I eat when I’m eating ice cream. Haagen-Dazs coffee is my favorite and I gotta have a lot of it. So how do you get 1000 calories?

First, look at SERVING SIZE. In my case, half a cup (250 calories) is a serving. Is half a cup really a lot? If you ask me, that’s a HELL NO. You are a better person than I am if you can manage to eat just half a cup of your guilty pleasure. That would be a tease and not satisfy my craving. So I need at least two cups, which is 250 calories multiplied by 4 = 1000 calories. When you like something, you’re going to have a lot of it. It’s just human nature. I understand how many calories I am consuming so I know why my weight is higher the following day. As simple as the oil you use to heat the pan can be hurting you.

It is so easy to eat A LOT of our guilty pleasures.

Secondly, anything that tastes good is (usually) bad. In my case, I am not only dealing with 1000 calories; there’s 68 grams of fat,  76 grams of sugar, and a whole bunch of cholesterol. With this in mind, I know I cannot have it all the time. The stuff we crave are things that are high caloric, high fat, and high sugar. That’s three major whammy. In addition, it doesn’t even feel that we are eating a lot when we do because the serving size on these items are small. So next time you are out and eat something good, chances are that it is high in those three whammy.

Ultimately, when we eat something we like, we are going to EAT IT. But knowing the serving size and understanding that it tastes good because it is high caloric, high fat, and high sugar is key to making sure you don’t have it so frequent. It’s hard to control our guilty pleasures because we are used to eating these HUGE portions. There may be nothing that can stop you from eating it, but there are things you can do before and afterwards. Go on a walk, hike, take the stairs, anything that can increase your activity. Be aware of how much you are consuming. I was surprised of how much ice cream I was eating and had to change my frequency or else my weight would increase. Most importantly, don’t feel guilty of having your guilty pleasure one in a while (yes, once in a while ladies and gentlemen). Isn’t that why we work hard so we can enjoy the things that we love? Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………………..Kei

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