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2019: Every year is a new year

2019. Yes, we have officially kicked off the new year. With every calendar year changing, I like to reflect on what happened the prior. Personally, I had a lot of stuff that happened. Got a dog, got engaged, then got married. So let’s just say my life has changed quite a bit. During this time, I realized that my time dedicated to exercising got compromised. And I know it is going to be harder going forward. So does it mean I should complain that I don’t have time?

You make time.

Absolutely NOT. You make time. Find ways to keep doing the things you love. Wake up earlier, stay up longer, squeeze it in during lunch time, or be more productive. It may not be the same as before, but its the best you can do at the moment. And that’s okay. When you set high expectations, you are bound to fail. How many times have you heard, “I’m going to workout everyday.” Its just not realistic. I call this the crash and burn approach and in my experience, it doesn’t work. “I’m going to walk 10 minutes everyday” sounds realistic.

Most importantly, in 2019, we all get one year older. I call it one year wiser to deceive myself of accepting the fact that I am getting older (hah, true story). Metabolism slows down a bit, recovery is slower, you stay sore longer, the list is endless on how the body can change from year to year. So we must adapt.

You cannot assume that every year is going to be the same. What worked for you in the past may not work and you must find new ways to achieve your goal. This is what makes fitness and, most importantly, my job exciting. If every year were the same it wouldn’t be fun, right? Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen! -Kei

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