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3 body weight exercises for total body strength

There are millions of exercise out there. Because there’s so many, its hard to choose which ones to start with. Keep it simple ladies and gentlemen. Let’s start with the basic, easy to do, and something that doesn’t require equipment.

First, is the air squats. This targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Why is this exercise important? When you are sedentary, our body gets stiff and mobility gets compromised. Air squats will help gain not only the mobility, but the strength so your ability to bend/stand will improve.

Secondly, is the push-ups. Depending on your fitness level, you can do these on your toes or knees. The key is to keep your back parallel to the floor, engaging the core. This targets the triceps and chest, but the main benefit that I like is it builds strength in the wrist. We don’t weight bear on our hands and yet we do everything with our hands. From typing, to texting, to writing this blog, cooking, the list goes on with what we do with our hands. Since technology is taking over our lives, lets make sure our muscles in our hands, fingers, wrists can handle the stress of life.

Lastly, is my favorite exercise: planks. This is the foundation of our body. Besides engaging the core, planks target the shoulders. The key is to use this principle throughout the day. You can do it while you are tying your shoes, driving, standing in line waiting for your coffee, or while training your clients (which I do everyday). The more you do it, the longer you are exercising.

These 3 exercises are great because you don’t need equipment. Challenge yourself by doing it everyday for a month. I have attached tutorials on all these exercises. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed…………..Kei

Air squats demo

Push-ups demo

Planks demo

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