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4th of July Tips

4th of July. Its the day (or the week for that matter) where you constantly hear fireworks going off in the neighborhood. BOOM! BANG! Even though its “illegal” and police is cracking down on them, people find ways to sneak up a spark. For the most of us, we have the 4th off. If you are like me, we have a huge lunch waiting for us. Here are some tips to help out for those that splurge.

You WILL feel much BETTER.

First, is to exercise beforehand. Get it in early before your event starts. You WILL feel much BETTER that you got some exercise in. It could be as simple as going for a neighborhood walk. Enjoy the beautiful California weather, ladies and gentlemen. We work indoors all day during the week and don’t get to enjoy the outdoors. Get that natural vitamin D and feel refreshed. So if you know you are going to indulge on the 4th, get that exercise in early. Trust me, you will feel better you did.

Secondly, is to be aware of what type of foods you will be eating. Knowing ahead of time what you are about to eat gives you a strategy. If you are eating hot dog or burgers, the buns are your nemesis. If you are eating vegetables, choose your dressing wisely. Based on heavy ranch versus balsamic makes a big difference in the amount of calories.

In addition, this includes the drinks. Alcohol and social events go hand-in-hand. Depending on which type you drink, it can add quite a bit of calories. Hard liquor such as vodka/cognac/tequila is about 69 calories per ounce. On the other hand, beer is about 150 calories. Remember, water is zero calories.

So there you have it, DGF’s 4th of July tips. Hope you enjoy your Fourth of July ladies and gentlemen and be safe………………….Kei

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