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Celebrate: don’t forget how far you have come

Celebrate. I am here to remind you to reward yourself and think how far you have come. People fixate on how much they are not doing this, or not getting the result they want. “I didn’t lose x pounds in one month.” What they didn’t see is how much stronger they have gotten. How much their core has improved. These are things people do not see and tend to forget. Fixating on things that they DIDN’T achieve. Yet, they ACCOMPLISHED many things. So what are ways to celebrate your victories? Let’s go through the list.

First, is to not obsess with just one number. I know most gravitate towards the number on the scale. However, that number doesn’t tell the whole story. It doesn’t explain how much muscle you gained. Doesn’t tell you how much your waist slimmed down. Doesn’t show you how much your posture improved and engaging your core. Doesn’t tell you how much you are not in pain now. Obsession cause stress and stress causes all sorts of imbalances in the hormones. So first and foremost, don’t obsess with the number on the scale because it really doesn’t tell the whole story.

Celebrate by taking progress photos.

Secondly, is to take progress photos. At times, you cannot see how much you changed unless you physically see it. Take a photo of yourself wearing the same outfit and compare. Photos you have taken in the past and comparing it to the present is a good reminder of how much you improved. Thinner, more lean muscle mass, better posture, looking younger, these are things we see during the process. It’s like looking at a whole different person when the transformation happens.

Don’t forget about performance.

Thirdly, is to focus on performance. If you are able to lift heavier, run faster, these are physical evidence that you are improving. At times, we forget these things until we use it. For example, one of my client mentioned that her cardio came in handy when she was about to miss her flight and needed to rush to the gate. If she didn’t work on cardio, then she may have missed her flight. These are times you feel grateful for being in shape. We always remind clients that results come with strength.

So I am here to remind you to celebrate your victories when you can because this fitness journey is long. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………………………Kei

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