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Differentiate BURN vs. PAIN

“Oh, it hurts Kei. It’s painful.” When I ask clients where they feel it, most times it is the muscle that is being targeted. Hence, its not pain that they are experiencing. It is the muscle being worked. So what are ways to differentiate burn vs. pain and why is it important.

First, the burn is felt in the muscle. For instance, when doing push-ups, you feel the “burn” in the triceps or chest. On the other hand, pain is felt in the joint. Its usually sharp and creates a discomfort that forces you to stop. For example, when a muscle tears, you won’t be able to move it. The burning sensation will go away with rest.

Secondly, you want to know if you are doing no harm to the body. If you know how to differentiate the two sensation, then it would allow you to continue training. For instance, if you keep doing a exercise that brings on pain, then at some point it will sideline you.

Ultimately, understanding the difference between burn vs. pain will allow you to push yourself further. Now I am not saying you have to feel the burn all the time, but when doing high intensity training, the burning sensation should be expected. Pain is something that is constant and won’t go away with rest. The burning sensation is temporary and once you stop the exercise, it will dissipate. Having a clear understanding of what is burn and pain will allow you to make the decision to keep going or stopping. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed…………………..Kei

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