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Don’t be afraid of weights

Weights. Something that we incorporate in a training program for clients that want lean muscle mass. There seems to be a misconception that weights make you “huge.” Just by picking up a weight, you magically gain 10 pounds of muscle. The body doesn’t work like that. If this were true, all guys would be massive. Let’s take a look at the benefit of weights.

It takes TIME.

First, is to understand that it takes TIME. There’s a misconception that if you pick up a weight, you turn into this:

Getting big, or hypertrophy as we call it, occurs by using heavy weights. It takes years, YEARS ladies and gentlemen to get tremendous amount of muscle like this. If I were to explain my journey, I was 125 pounds 20 years ago. Flash forward to the present, I am 40 pounds heavier. I can confidently say that majority of that increase is muscle. However, it took 20 years to build. TWENTY YEARS! That’s a long time ladies and gentlemen. So if you have any notion that weights are going to make you “huge,” think again.

Most importantly, incorporating weights into your training program is the driving catalyst to increase lean muscle mass. The ideal way to lose weight is to combine strength training and a balanced nutrition. Let’s say the nutrition portion is inconsistent, but the workout is consistent (sound familiar?), you may not lose weight on the scale. However, the body is changing, but not at the rate you want because the number on the scale doesn’t register the transformation. Weights build muscle, so stay consistent with it.

To sum up, don’t be afraid of weights because it is only going to help in your fitness journey. Remember, it doesn’t have to be heavy. If the repetition range is between 10-15, then that means you are more than capable of handling it. So if you have any doubt about getting “huge”, then rest assured, it will not. Takes a lot, A LOT more than doing 2-3 sets. Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed………………Kei

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