Hibernate. The act where bears spend the wintertime in closed space, usually in a cave. I use this analogy when people start feeling lazy to workout because it gets cold. “It’s too cold to exercise.” I get it. When it’s 40 degrees outside (that’s freezing for us Californians, hah), you just want to cuddle up in your blanket and drink coffee/hot cocoa/coffee/coffee.

Not staying active during the holiday season is dangerous because we have all the social events during these times. Company parties where there’s yummy, delicious desserts that you have been doing so good to avoid all year long. Friends get together party, where you spend hours and hours talking over alcoholic beverages. And notice how there’s little activity involved during these times. This is why a lot of people gain weight during these times.

Cold = not wanting to move

Secondly, there’s the “I’ll go tomorrow” excuse. The following day becomes another day and another day becomes the next and so on. When the temperature is cold, its makes getting up that much harder. Plus, the food that we eat during these times may provide that “food coma” effect. These are the times that we must stay active because of the activities we are involved in. Don’t wait until that tomorrow comes, commit to today.

Even though this time of year is supposed to be all cheery and rainbows, but it can also be the most stressful time of the year. Hosting, getting ready for parties, figuring out your outfit for the party, buying presents, spending time with your family/in-laws, all these can be stressful. Rather than taking it out on the streets, use that towards exercising.

Ultimately, exercising is time for yourself. You spend hours and hours caring for others and have ZERO time for the most important person, which is YOU. So don’t look like the picture below ladies and gentlemen and stay active during the winter time.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed…………………Kei

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