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Extreme gluttony

Gluttony: excess in eating. That’s the definition of the word on the web. Does this ring a bell for you during Thanksgiving? Well, it does for me. If its not turkey, then its mashed potatoes, cranberry, stuffing, mac n’ cheese, bread, casserole, ice cream, the list is ENDLESS. Knowing this, what are you going to do? This isn’t your first Thanksgiving, right? What are ways we can prepare for the gluttony?

First, stay active. Remember, the only way to gain weight is when there’s a surplus of calories; simple as that. If you know you are going to cook around noon, get a early jog. Knowing how much I will be eating, I am running a 5k to burn some calories. It may not be much as what I will be eating, but it helps. Remember, anything is better than NOTHING. So stay active.

Secondly, one meal isn’t your problem. “I’m afraid I’ll gain weight.” Well, remind yourself that there’s 3,500 calories in 1-lb of fat. So its hard to gain weight from just one meal. If I were to calculate my meal that I eat during Thanksgiving, I would say it would be around 1,200 calories. And I am stuffed. Subconsciously, you probably feel like you are going to gain weight because portion size is so big compared to your normal diet. But in reality, its not that much to make you gain weight. However, because we spend hours eating, that makes you consume more calories than usual. This is where it adds up. So remember, one meal isn’t going to make you gain weight.

Ultimately, accept that you are going to enjoy. No matter how much you prepare, you really cannot. Family shows and you cannot leave the house because you have to entertain.  However, it is WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO AFTERWARDS that matters most. Thanksgiving is just ONE day, and you have the whole weekend to bounce back to your regular routine. But if you have leftovers, then understand that your Thanksgiving will linger. The sooner you get back to your regular diet, the less chance of you gaining weight. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed. AND, most importantly, ENJOY TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS during THANKSGIVING!

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