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Happy Balan-(Valen)tine day

Balan-tine. Taking balance and Valentine together. And that’s what it is. We juggle between work and our personal life.

First, we are busy. As a professional, we tend to have a hard time finding a good balance between the two. Work is good, but the relationship between your significant other/kid is not going well; or vice versa. So we must constantly work on it. I am by no means a expert in the field of building relationships, but I do know that communication is key.

Moreover, the way we communicate at our job versus personal life is completely different. It’s almost as if we have to use two different brains to not get the two mixed up. Also, we spend more time at work than our personal life. As a personal trainer, we have early mornings and work late. Some days, I wake up at 5:15am and come home at 9:30pm. Finding balance between the 16 hour work day and spending time with my girlfriend can be tough. However, that’s no excuse.

No excuses.

I learned through many failed relationships that if you want something to last, you must continue to put effort into it no matter how tired, busy, exhausted you are. And that’s what this day (balan-tine) reminds us of. Finding the balance between work and life. We could all use a reminder here and there. “Oh crap it’s Valentine’s day. I have to get roses.” Why? Because you want to show appreciation towards your significant other. The worst is, you forget and come home empty-handed and she gives you the cold shoulder and stink eye (not that this has happened to me…..yet).

Don’t forget, your significant other is surrounded by other females. And if she’s watching other girls getting flowers and talking about how amazing their husband/boyfriend is, it’s definitely in her mind that she wants to be appreciated. So let’s make sure our close one is not left out. So enjoy your Balan-tine day and keep working on the balance between work and personal life because that is a life-long job. Hope you liked this week’s blog. Stay tuned for more next Wed…………………….Kei

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